Game On

Game On

We had first seen the pack hunting. Later we came across this small group that had become separated. We followed them for a while and continued to watch when they stopped to lie in the shade. We got the impression they were listening for the rest of the pack to call them. We never heard a sound but suddenly without warning they jumped up and were gone. This painting is my attempt to capture that moment."
Artist: A. Squire
Oil Painting on canvas
Size 66 cm x 53 cm

Game OnScale
The spring of awareness and poise makes this a special picture of intent. 
The blues of dust; unusual pigment, presses the curiousity that we also see 
in the hyenas eyes. The whiff of another animal is catching in their nostrils.
This is a very expectant moment before the chase begins either away from
 a hazard or towards a prey.

Written By E. Waller 23/03/10
Game OnTA:00457 20.00 855.00
Oil Painting on canvas 66 cm x 53 cm framed in a soft gold coloured frame with a linen slip. Afrian Wild Dogs Artist: A. Squire

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