About Us

To produce Art is a wonderful and useful way of seeing the world through your own eyes.
You are the individual who decides how your Art can develop.
It is your chance to change the world in which you live, gaining acknowledgement of your work.

Ironically, your Art can be reviewed, and viewed again, if not refreshed by Exhibiting, and the prospect of selling your work at Exhibition.
You can start again and still find new ground.
Take time out or work all the time and see the real changes to your Art.

What ever medium you choose to use, whether Traditional or using the latest Technology, there is always a place for you,
ie your contribution, however you take that.

Just a reminder, (without a litany in Art!)

1. 'Reduce stress, Collect Art'.

2. 'Find Art; personable. Art provides neutrality and agreement, even if it is to differ'.

3. 'Be beside the point, Art works.'

4. To make something up, would be sharing thoughts on Art. Not a bad thing, if you ask me' .

5. 'Become an Entrepreneur, even in your own home, by gathering Art. A wise investment that gives you pleasure: a sense of place.'

6. 'It may seem impossible, being labelled, makes perfect sense in Art. ' (A Hawk in business)

7. 'Investors alike and experts are alike.' .

8. 'Art leads you into your house. A pleasant thrill, a stimulating relaxing conversation. A message as an opportunity to expressing oneself - The better for you.' .

9, 'To sound American! Every Creed, Religion, Politics, Race, through Ability and Talent pursue happiness... Art plays to you all...

...showing ideas and difference to all people... A further welcome.

The Target-Art Promise. So Here it is:

1. We are serious about providing the right service, based on being organised, efficient and true to the Target-Art promise.

We will keep an excellent Working Relationship with our Artists.

2. Target-art has suitable prices for the Purchaser, and Artist, due to Low Commission rates.

3. All Target-art Art Work cannot be found cheaper on individual own Artists web sites as part of the contract.

4. We keep the price promise to remain competitive.

5. A lot of work is being done on the Artists' behalf.

6. All Artists as members of Target-Art need to notify the Team of any changes to Price and amendments, including of private sales.

7. All Artworks has been carefully selected to maintain a high level of Quality.

Target-Art Offers Service

1. Target-Art promotes the very best of established and emerging talent.

2. Available is Art to Homes and Private Collectors. Innovative Artwork to mirror your Business approach.

3. Easy to use and Target-Art prides itself on being one of the most competitive of Online Art Galleries on the internet.

4. Amongst the benefits of this site are; Ease of Surfing, large Thumbnail Images of Art Works.

5. Search by Categories to find out genres, artists etc..., e.g. Biography, Description of Art Works and a Photo available of most Artists,

6. 'Click to buy' by using Google Shopping Cart, Remember to register with Google first.

7. Full Legal Protection for both Customer and Artist and Employees.

8. All should read the Terms and Conditions for clarity.

Brief History

1. Target-Art.co.uk was established in early 2008 by the Proprietor Edward Waller.

Edward is himself an artist himself and has a Ba Hons in Fine Art at Newcastle University 1994.

2. Target-Art.co.uk is a Sole Trader

3. Target-Art was formally launched at our open day on 23rd August 2008 at The Magic Cafe in Oxford.

We held a Champagne toast for all our Artists, who exhibited their work there.

Our initial Publicity gained from the launch was featured by Articles with Photos in The Oxford Mail, The Henley Standard

and The Maidenhead Advertiser.

3. Target Art has since embarked upon a recruitment drive which has brought over 70 artists on board.

4. 12,500 piece leaflet drop by 2010, personally delivered by the Team.

4. Target-Art has attracted over 150,000 visitors to our website so far.

5. Target-Art continues to expand offering quality Artwork to the UK and beyond.

6. Re-designing the Site with a new 'Art For Hire' Section and 'Art Review' Section covering many an Art Show in London.

7. Close Collaborations with various premises, including Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe and even a Bakery have meant Art Exhibitions for our Artists.

(See Exhibition Section).

8. Target Art has continued it's expansion and has negotiated Art Supply Contracts with two large Regional Hotels:

The Mercure George in Reading in 2009 - 2010 and The Royal Parade in Bath. 

We have had a major Christmas Art Fair in the Conference room of The Quality Hotel in Reading, December 2010.

See 'Art Exhibition' Category.

9. Target-Art held a Charity Christmas art fair at the Woodclyffe Hall in Wargrave, Berks on 6th December 2008.

Sales of Art were promising, and helped to raise 550 for The Smile Train charity.

10. Ed is a continuous giver to charity captured over a 10 year period over 13,500 pounds in charity shop memorabilia. Edward regularly picks up litter, and acts as Volunteer in the Norden Art Centre.

11. If anyone would like to contribute in any form (as an Artist, Volunteer/Employee) and pass on Art Information or future premise for Target-art.co.uk,

We welcome your Response.

Yours Faithfully

Edward Waller
Owner of Target-Art.co.uk