A. Buying Could not be easier.

B., should be the one to look for. (1-14).

C. Choosing your Painting. (1-10)

D. Your Style. (1-5)

E. Where do you put your Painting? (1-3)

F. First thing to do? (1-11)

G. Rooms with Space.(1-4)

H. Place in a Crowded Room. (1-10)

I. The Mount Board. (1-5)

J. Framing. (1-8)

K. Art as Investment. (1-5)

L. Information for Artists. (1-2)

M. Apllying to be an Artist at Target-Art. (1-13)

Just a reminder

A. Buying Art Art at could not be easier.

1. Choosing could never be easier. What you want to do, when and where; when it suits you. And delivered to your door.

2. You can size which you want and need for your house by taking your time. It's easy.

3. Select what you like: ideas of Artists, to works which move you. A definite feel good factor. Giving a fresh sense of space.

4. A toast to new Art, to new horizons. About adding to without exception.

5. Building an Art portfolio, settling on a work which moves and is special to you, to the work that you really want.

By instinct, by nature, by knowledge, by skill to capture your imagination.

A homeward feeling, Art becomes you, place and presence. bringing you home a welcome.

B. Why not,! it just takes you. We take care of the rest!

1. Take a web site that you have heard of.

Believe me, there are many, that side track you and push you on a course to nowhere in particular.

2. Remember our Web Site, and how it was that you turned to us, through family or a friend, or the publicity generated by such a popular brand.

3. Represents UK Artists, our climate, our culture and our friends.

With the Artists' concern of Modern life from all walks of life.

See new Art, in many different shapes and form.

To see what's new, accomplished and methodical.

4. Easy, fun, and safe to surf. friendly staff, provide guidance and advice as to what to do next.

Without purposely influencing you.

One of the most inexpensive way to buy art, and even returnable if not right.

5. Surfing on provides insider knowledge of what to buy.

Finding and complimenting a brand of art, side by side.

Changing to see what's right. It makes a decision what to buy a whole lot easier.

6. Special gift of your choice, to you, one of your family or friends.

C. Choosing your Painting yourself.

1. Do not be intimidated by other people's views. You make the Decision on what you like.

2. Choose Works as you like it. An Art Work for a new Home, to replace others that have have been there for too long.

3. Serene beauty.

4. Like the Artist and Artwork.

5. Favourites of Art Movements.

6. Liked the Range of Colours.

7. Dynamism.

8. Understanding Subject Matter.

9. Experimental work that stands out.

10. More balanced Art Work helps thinking.

11. You can break any of the rules to be yourself.

12. As it Makes you feel happy and laugh with contentment.

D. Your Style

1. Recognise your Taste. Do not be daunted. Do not be shy, have a think and it will work for you.

2. Placing your Art Work yourself, consult if you feel you need to gain some advice...

3. Those who consider themselves to have well chosen objects, and understand a lot, make their own choices,

4.. This is only a Basis for a Guide.

5. The Rules can easily be broken to make it all work the way you want it.

E. 'Where do you put your Painting?'

- We all have our own ideas of what goes where.

Thankfully advice taken on board is sometimes healthy

1. The picture needs to fit in the room.

2. The effect of mounting board and frame.

3. Some people know exactly where it should go, others wait and see.

F. First thing to do.

1. Give the Art Work natural light if you can (avoid photos by windows, as do fade with time.)

2. Or place with framed view from doorway. Or where you look the most.

3. The best pictures to have most impact.

4. The room itself; Less is more in a room with a lot of items inside.

5. The size of the picture is important. i. If small, fit in row of Art Works. A fitting place, even. ii. If large or best picture, place at centre of room.

6. Work located around furniture, need to be centred.

7. Back of the room needs sentiment? possibly, the front of the room needs dynamism to stand out as statement.

8. Decide where you put your painting in your room. (In the most extreme cases, the room is decorated for its Art Works!)

9. Or sometimes, where you want it in advance.

10. Take your time... Enjoy

11. Paintings can be moved around, and adjusted until right. It is not the final decision until you are happy.

G. Rooms with space. - 'Easier decision!?'

1. Rooms with little in; more detail in pictures. More subject or narrative to be had.

2. Defined as a Male or Female room, or a balance for a couple.

3. Strong colour schemes add energy and happiness (one hopes).

4. Make it a centre piece. In main wall or above bed.

The size of the picture can be big or small to highlight space around picture or size of picture.

H. Place in a crowded room, - 'What do you do?'

1. Need to fill as if a family.

2. Less detail, more colour and simple line, or humour.

3. Be aware of portrait or landscape to compare with other pictures.

4. The Colour of the walls behind makes a difference, challenge yourself.

5. I.e. Interior design has taken hold in many modern houses. Match the picture with wall colour.

6. Match as bold with Complimentary Colours, such that it diverts from other items in room.

7. Match as Secondary Colour through picture, mounting board, frame and wall behind.

8. Nature of work; beauty and serene blend in easier.

9. Experimental, and confident subject matter, helps to be changed around until found the right place.

10. Move the Painting around every so often until satisfied.

I. The Mount Board – some choose 'None'

1. Compliments the picture, gives a sense of place, proportion and sense.

2. Traditionally, the bottom of mount board is slightly longer than top.

3. The Choice of colour; Cream, White, Grey etc... is up to you. The lighter the Mount board the lighter the feel of the Painting.

4. Work with the Painting if hard lines/perspectives etc... provide for larger mounting board.

5. Link the mount board as a break between Frame and Painting. The more colourful the picture the less the need for a bigger mount board.

J. The Frame – some 'Avoid' Frames.

1. DIY is always a temptation to reduce cost and show skill. Though unless skilled and quick to work, it is often time

consuming and with mixed results.

2. Remember the material you use: Metal, Gold, Silver or Wood etc... Help define the Art Work.

Framing Specialists know your needs, give good advice and if bought in bulk offer better discounts.

You need to talk to them in the right way.

3. Want to buy a cheap or expensive Frame. Can take a long time or impulsively just buy to satisfy instinct and cost.

Frames now available from Specialist Framers or big Wholesalers chains.

4. I tend to think, the lighter the colour of frame, the less heavy the picture is.

5. If Anxious, ask a Friend/Partner to help choose; sometimes, they might have extra insight.

In the extremes, the Artist paints the frame itself as part of picture. Then you have to buy them both.

6. Remember it is your choice and you can change it if necessary.

7. The picture itself if very dynamic in perspective, colour and form, this could determine your choice with a darker frame.

8. 'The choice is yours and once done be satisfied, you have made the effort.'

K. Art As Investment:

1. The Saleability of Art Work is considered as an Investment for the future both Commercially and as a Possession in a Collection.

2. The emotional impact of Painting cannot be underestimated.

3. All Paintings have sentiment and sentimental value which builds the character of the Home, Office or Public Place.

4. The Art Work offers comfort and a standard that makes for a status for the owner.

5. Art Work is Affordable at this stage with Low Commissions, but in the future there is no knowing what the value will be.

L. Information For Artists

1. All artists are obliged to reserve their work ready for sale whilst their work remains on the Target Art Web Site.

We also oblige Artists to refrain from showing the submitted pieces for sale on other Web sites at a lower cost.

2. Please read the Terms and Conditions,

M. Applying to be an Artist on Target-Art

1. If you are wishing to join the Web Site.

2. Please send an email to saying you are interested.

3. You must be willing to sign the contract that will then be sent onto you between the Artist and the Web site.

4. Once sent in the post to 52 Wessex Way, Cox Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3DH.

5. A Return Email will be sent out to you concerning the next steps which are:

6. Please send on email attachment your photos of your Art Works.

7. These must be 300 dpi Resolution on Digital or SLR camera:

8. Size 12cm x 10cm in Iphoto or 800 x 600 pixels in photoshop or equivalent software for images:

9. Add Size and Dimensions

10. An Artist Biography of 1000 characters or less,

11. A Photo of the Artist

12. A Description of each Art work: to

13. We will upload the Art work as soon as possible, given their eligibility, and contact you.