Nelly Elephant

Nelly Elephant

The red velvet carpet lets Nelly stand to plaudits and applause, her colourful demeanour surprised us all.

The painting took 20 hours to paint in many different forms though the striking message is one of heightened colour and shimmering light effects.

The elephant is a tribute to a fallen soul Pip Warwick, a lecturer in Newcastle who in my mind anyway was a classic rock and artistic hero of the kitch. The idea behind the painting was metamorphosis of life to all impending magnificence in one's prime. The red carpet, a literal indian reference, is significant in unwrapping of the soul.

Artist: E. Waller
Oil Painting
Size 76 cm x 103 cm

Nelly Elephant                       Scale
Nelly Elephant TA0014 1500.00
Oil On Canvas Size 76 cm x 130 cm By E. Waller

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