B1E: Art Review of Hazel Strange 2010

B1E: Art Review of Hazel Strange 2010

All the greats of the 19th Century tried to master the rigging for the weather, choosing to speak of the environment that we live in as the bearer of human spirit, and the weather dictating our fate. We seem to auction such work with reverence in the main galleries. Every movement has a mean of achievement rehashed and devoted to an ideal. These great men were responding or retreating from the technology of their time. They were led by a painting tradition hurtling in ideas and precises of the future of the human race, our character, our hopes and desired rolled into painting.

What seems obvious now through the outbreak of media coverage is the fear still exists. Climate change though challenged is far too sophisticated to monitor and make conclusion from as the Professor at East Anglia found once his emails had been dissected by an unknown source during the conference.

The reason for this intro is perspectivaly finding the notion and style of your work as fitting into a spectrum of contemporary interest. The Art Nouveau of the 1920s evolving towards advertising in the 1930s ideals of the new British world, its beaches, landscapes and people all enjoying consumption. My grandfather Bill Crawford, an advertising guru in both Great Britain and the United States was part of a current of contemporary thinking which took into account the peacenik subties of such work. Divulging somewhat he invented "the Guinness is good for you advert' and made his million, conferring with Churchill during the war about Art/Advertising propaganda. He understood the pared down the nature of the image.

Your work harks back to and forward to our awareness of the inexplicably simple images which keep our hearts at bay, and wonder to happen upon such a splendid scene. You have captured the essence and the beauty of nature, our eyes and memories feeble in recalling our land, except through the purile shot from a camera, aged the photo reflects aging and an uncomfortable feeling that that time has passed. This is an apt replacement. And given what I have said historically, you have placed the work in the context of meteology. As we become dependent of accurate forecasting, and the fears of climate change, your work brings more relevance to us all, here in the wildness of a media age.

B1E: Art Review of Hazel Strange 2010Scale
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The matrix that our minds are, the sophisticated machination/technology of our age is only made of awareness such that these works are based on meteology.

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