B1C: Art Review of Clive Williams 2010

B1C: Art Review of Clive Williams 2010

There seems a sort of waking light in your watercolours, like the palette tired of paste improvisation laps at the shores of your water scenes. Colour though stipled by the rag never appears over saturated, or overused. The light is a delight, the balance of houses and boats shimmering in the drying atmosphere, far from insubstantial your artwork lives as do we in our hearts once through one of your exhibitions. I must point out that these views are made from viewing your web site.

It is with this in mind that I approach and shadow your work, (from another computer). Besides the original scenes, is the essence of composition, lightening and touching where many other an artist would continue to burden us all with heavy and lugubrious work as our conscience dictates our art.

B1C: Art Review of Clive Williams 2010Scale
Clive Williams critic by E,WallerTA001672 0.00
A wonderful water colour artist.

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