A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010

A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010

The photo based project shows a direct immediate image current amongst those facing the elements. One would hope that we can all understand the Charlie Chaplin motif and weathered feel of the chap facing us.

Artist: J. Crosswell

signed limited edition of 50

A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010Scale
Note that the accordance to the street brings home not just the tramp but the urban 
environment where we are put sometimes. Without question with a purpose, but
to what end depends on time, routines, and the lack of feeling this country has 
under the stethoscope of the wet terrain. We all must feel for us as part.
J. CrosswellTA001784 0.00
Following the model of those who fear being hard up like the man we often see on the street.

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