A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010

A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010

'It's the getting there, not arriving, that has always attracted me. Always wanting to move on and discover new vistas over the brow of a hill. Putting an exhibition together always reminds of moments not places - a glimpsed beach through the trees or a meandering stream making its way down the valley - it's the essence of these memories that I I try to capture, my own fleeting, light filled moment that I endeavour to translate and communicate hoping that the viewer will interpret and complete the picture in their own way, with their own memory.

I work with water colour, ink, gouache and oils on both paper and canvas. I sometimes make a small, simple pencil sketch on site with written colour notes, an indication of light, weather and wind direction and then work up the finished painting in the studio but it's my memory of the moment that I depend on.

Tempting though it sometimes is, I do not take a photograph of the location needed - I 'm trying to capture an emotional response not replicate a photographic image.

Artist: C. Robson

A: Art at The Palm Tree 1 - 3 May 2010Scale
Colin marked his presence in the Main Restaurant room with works. They alluded 
heavily to a poetic mind, sometimes daubed lightly, mostly colouring the senses. These artworks 
relied heavily on the central positioning of the horizontal line where interest transended
the area above and below. The hardiness of the switch of colour schemes in each painting
offered a swallowing into the divinity of space and prospect of a thoughtful area of study.
Colin RobsonTA001782 0.00
I feel a similar nature to my own work. The waist filling the composition is poetic and a natural reference through to T.S. Elliott. The elemental is questioned to the breathing all seeing art.
The colour schemes review the life and feeling in Colin's art.
E. Waller

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