Art At The George Hotel: 'Eddie' and 'Bode Miller'

Art At The George Hotel: 'Eddie' and 'Bode Miller'

Eddie the Maverick, from the street, is clearly a model which no other can compare. The imperious gesture of a man with a fixed gaze is astounding. The handling of paint, the pink/red background is not the only highlight of the sitter. All is a mighty of colour frenzy, fashion, cloth of a majesty of fun and helpfulness.

'Bode Miller' has just won Bronze for the Downhill, silver for the Super G and gold for the super combined. I am inspired the skiers courage and grace as they take on the mountain at speeds approaching 100 miles an hour.'

Bagni's Works are squeezed to the left of A. Kestner's on the stairwell (second Floor) leading the highest and final (third) floor. The hall way is full of colourful painting reaching up the stairs. The framed paintings are bright, fun and plausible. The shine of the 'Ponte Vecchio' tells you found Bagni's gem like work, unashamed in the veracity of colour.

If unsure of destination you should be facing the reception side

Artist: C. Bagni
Acrylic painting Size 17 cm x 29 cm

Art At The George Hotel: 'Eddie' and 'Bode Miller'Scale
The greatness of an Olympic Skier, the dynamo and feat-maker, We are all amazed at 'Bode Miller' and his skill.
Bode MiillerTA001656 10.00 0.00
Acylic Painting 75 cm x 100cm Artist: Carol Bagni

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