A: The Map of the George Hotel and Art Information.

A: The Map of the George Hotel and Art Information.

The Exhibition of Artists is chosen and hung by Target-Art (2009-2011). Each Artist has work which is suitable for Sale.
The George Hotel has a Permanent Art Exhibition for the purposes of sale, including
a School Art Exhibition for the youngster Artists. We are hoping that this will provide sufficient visual stimulus to keep you all coming in to have a look.

By all means, if you like what you see; tell the reception, and indeed come home having bought a painting would be a fine thing.

Or, Alternatively, If there are any enquiries to be made about the nature of art and/or Purchase on the point of Sale; Please Contact Edward Waller on 0168776721.
See: www.target-art.co.uk for other Artworks.

A: The Map of the George Hotel and Art Information.Scale
The Staff at Reception and the Bar have been ever helpful insisting that we have a free cup of tea before the start 
of work hanging the artworks. Their ever helpful attitude has made working here a pleasure.
There is over 150 spaces available in the George Hotel which would be suitable for most Artist Exhibitors needs. 
(so far there are 70 works ready for viewing.)
Jules' long standing sense of humour at being practical has also made our time here a pleasurable one.
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