Art At The George Hotel; 'Begonnia Flower 2'

Art At The George Hotel; 'Begonnia Flower 2'

Ongoing exhibition, Started 8th June 2009 - present 2010

D. Edwardson are on the second floor on the Reception side to the right of A. Kestner and cover the large part of the corridor with bright and aspiring photographic prints full of the tint of expertise and professionalism.

Art At The George Hotel; 'Begonnia Flower 2'Scale
D. Edwardson helps us underline that natural forms in the horticultural world can be captured in ways 
that the amateur photographer find  hard to reflect in the study of flowers. 

The flourish of colour so refreshing to an exquisite degree leaves us oozing with faith in the beauty of nature. This is not just the ability to take pictures with a camera, but a sure knowledge of photographic techniques, both in the darkroom, and with on some occasions unique plates.
D. Edwardson teaching, and thorough and thought provoking technical talent really excites the imagination. We all have confidence in D. Edwardson and his work in photography.
Begonnia Flower 2TA001033 0.00
Digital Print 21 cm x 29 cm Artist: D. Edwardson

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