G: Magic Cafe Exhibition, Oxford 1-31/08/2008

G: Magic Cafe Exhibition, Oxford  1-31/08/2008

The owner of the Magic Cafe welcomed E. Waller to exhibit at his Cafe. E. Waller's work is eclectic and prolific in style and content. Though perhaps insipid, his use of one brush is evident by the smooth surface, the content remains extremely unusual and a sense of movement of the emotions is very evident.

This is an Artist of promise which should be watched out for if not for the comments that he makes alone.

E. Waller's work is described as personal, emotionally charged but private to his world. His colours are intense and meaningful though continually abstract as is his intention. The abstraction, a picture, or clip, hanging in space and time where the mind divulges a cloying image of concern.

G: Magic Cafe Exhibition, Oxford  1-31/08/2008Scale
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