Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

Fiction after Monet

Artist: R. Thacker
Size 41 cm x 35 cm

Lady of the LakeScale
Following the folklore of the medieval ages, is being re-told by the nature of us the viewer. This is what it is about.
Naive in its attention to detail, it is a remarkable attempt at a tradition which does not deny the past tradition of story
telling. The exquisite in depth handling of attention is in essence a requirement to paint with out rationalising
and economising in mark marking. This I believe is intentional. The artist is paying attention to everything he sees, 
it is not painting, just recording every blade of grass in the hopes of understanding the world around him.

Written by E. Waller 23/03/10
Artist: Robert ThackerTA:00155 10.00 90.00
Watercolours 41 cm x 35 cm framed Artist: R. Thacker

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