Bubble Blue

Bubble Blue

This piece was created in the same way as 'spawned (1)' was created using the lost wax process. But in the reverse. The master mould was created in the negative image of spawned in clay, which was produced in wax steamed out and then the glass was carefully calculated using the water displacement method, this time cobalt powder was introduced in the gaps when the glass was stacked resulting in this beautiful effervestant cobalt explosion, echoeing the traces that is left when still waters are disturbed, beneath the surface of the water.

Artist: D. Williams
Glass Sculpture
Size 22 cm x 11 cm

Bubble Blue Scale
Man in the distant past would have liked the chipped and shaped cutting nature of this, a primeval weapon. The wondrous sea blue of frozen ice 
and water encapsulated in the ceramic, an ocean away from the making process as seen above by D. Williams. Here is the creator, 
refreshed by what she has created.  No doubt the requirements are not basic in the making, it is metaphysical. The chance at viewing this
work traditionally in a museum makes such images a relic, a work from the past. Consider the essence, we fall into its charm, there are 
no awkward feelings here, this is as organic as it is a glass process of creativity for the art world. Please take care of this work for it holds 

Written by E. Waller 23/01/10
Bubble BlueTA:00210 10.00 475.00
Glass Sculpture 22 cm x 11 cm Artist: D. Williams

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