The First Review reflects the nature of a London Show: The Kingdom of IFE at the British Museum.
4th - 6th March 2010

The following Reviews, of Denise Williams, the Glass Sculptor and maker of Jewelry,
are to be exhibited at the Latest Exhibition in Cane End, the Palm Tree Restaurant.
Award Winner 2009 for Glass Sculpture
12 am - 3.30 pm
Saturday to Bank Holiday Monday
1st - 3rd May 2010


Autumna Suncatcher 83.00

Artist: D. Williams Autumna Suncatcher

Begonia 80.00

Artist: D. Edwardson Begonia

Bubble Blue 475.00

Artist: D. Williams Bubble Blue

Chrysalis 255.00

Artist: D. Williams Chrysalis

Point of Balance 567.00

Artist: D. Williams Point of Balance

Spawned 358.00

Artist: D. Williams Spawned