Williams, A.

Williams, A.

A. Williams is an artist and illustrator based in Suffolk and East London. In his artwork, the artist has combined juxtapositions of found images with closely observed nature and pure invention to create stunning, richly detailed works of art. The subject of Allan's most recent paintings is the landscape of Suffolk and in particular, the eroding coastline of Covehithe. In his paintings Covehithe Erosion Zone 1, and Ghosts of Benacre Allan has skilfully captured the way the ever changing light picks out the colours in the waves breaking on to the North Sea coast.

Many of Allan's painting are also available as Giclee prints. A number of these are on Display at The George Hotel, Reading A unique & personal gift Allan offers a unique concept in personally commissioned art to have a portrait painted in the style of your favourite artist. Get a flavour of his extraordinary work by selecting an example piece from the list. For a gift that will last for generations, contact the artist. Prices for oil or acrylic start at 500 and the watercolour starting at 300.

Your house For that special gift, commission Allan to paint your own (or a friends) house in oils or watercolours. Prices start at 500 for oils, 300 for watercolours.

Allan has just completed a lottery funded project, Before London 2012, whereby he has recorded the pre-development London Olympic site in paintings, together with portraits and sound recordings of older people who have lived and worked in that area.

Target-Art organised Art Exhibition:
The George Hotel, King Street, Reading, Berks, (permanent Art Exhibition Art Trail) (Feburary 2010 - June 2011)


Ash tree Cottage 0.00

Artist: A. Williams Ash tree Cottage

At Covehithe, Erosion 9950.00

Artist: A. Williams At Covehithe, Erosion

Butler Priory 0.00

Artist: A. Williams Butler Priory

Ghost of Benacre 995.00

Artist: A. Williams Ghost of Benacre

Hidden face of Mani 2 750.00

Artist: A. Williams Hidden face of Mani 2

Hidden Face of the Mani 1 750.00

Artist: A. Williams Hidden Face of the Mani 1

Islington Town House, 0.00

Artist: A. Williams Islington Town House,

Jenny 0.00

Artist: A. Williams Jenny

Justin Durer 985.00

Artist: A. Williams Justin Durer

Milk Float 975.00

Artist: A. Willams Milk Float

Self-Portrait a la Derain 0.00

Artist: A Williams Self-Portrait a la Derain

Tracy Kahlo 0.00

Artist: A. Willams Tracy Kahlo