Ullrich, B

Ullrich, B

Born and brought up in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. I am painting in an abstract and very textural fashion at the moment, but do also sometimes work in a representational, albeit broken, manner. I love to draw (usually pencil and charcoal) - usually taking from the figure as well as landscapeI have recently been working with memories of the place Zimbabwe.Memory is, by nature, fragmented. However, this is exacerbated by the fact that many people have felt the need to leave the country and are now scattered all over the world. Not only are the memories now physically broken but also displaced. To reinforce this unsettled feeling, good memories of Zimbabwe were requested from many and used in their text form. These have been superimposed by way of various materials, texture, line and colour in an attempt to convey the violence and corruption of power that is taking place and which again reiterates the displacement and fragmentation of memory of place.


2 time 1890.00

Artist: B. Ullrich 2 time

Downpour 640.00

Artist: B. Ullrich Downpour

Monomatapa 140.00

Artist: B. Ullrich Monomatapa