Slater, E.

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I call my style, if it can be called a style, Contemporary Cave, because it is my belief that man has forgotten something through the ages, that something being a mystical, magical connection with his land, his universe.

I try and imagine, while I am sitting in my damp and badly lit cow-shed of a studio a caveman daubing at the wall of his cave from a mixture of goodness knows what.

What was he thinking? Was he using language? Did he have a God? What was his inspiration?

Perhaps the answer to these questions are within us, after all our genes, our DNA is handed down to us from our caveman brothers. Perhaps the answers to these questions and to this lost knowledge is in that part of our brains we do not use and in our imaginations.

What I am trying to do with my Art is to re- establish that magical mystical connection with my universe by using my experiences of living closer to the land, to nature, to create abstract and symbolic paintings by experimenting, not quite like the caveman, but with modern and not so modern paints and materials.< br/ >
The outcome of this is that I create works that are experimental and a lot of the effects are completely accidental.

What you get from this is, in my opinion,is a uniquely, honest, psychological creation that is imbued with that magic and mystery that once was lost.

I use an alchemy of oil paint- acrylic- water-white spirit- gold and silver- varnishes-glass paint- artists mediums various- the weather- heat guns- and various other chemicals that come to hand. As you can imagine this takes a long time, painting in multiple layers takes ages to dry ergo I am not prolific- phew! to be continued.

My wife and I have spent the last 2 years renovating our 1800 Century cottage in the Dalveen Pass and beginning to establish a wildlife garden out of this 3 acre piece of bog land. We have planted around 2000 trees and shrubs in the hope of attracting the wildlife into our life. The work on the ponds and the rest of the garden is ongoing and hopefully never-ending and hopefully it is this experience with the land and the area surrounding us that will be my main influence in my artistic endeavours, coupled with my wife Lindas amazing faith and encouragement.

P S. The experience of life itself is the connection.


Civilisations 495.00

Artist: E. Slater Civilisations

Civilisations 2 495.00

Artist: E. Slater Civilisations 2

Craig 305.00

Artist: E. Slater Craig

Fall of Adam 825.00

Artist: E. Slater Fall of Adam

Franky 995.00

Artist: E. Slater Franky

In the Shadow of a Pale Moon 375.00

Artist: E. Slater In the Shadow of a Pale Moon

Jewels of the Nile 425.00

Artist: E. Slater Jewels of the Nile

Oceans Galore 375.00

Artist: E. Slater Oceans Galore

Out of the Box 225.00

Artist: E. Slater Out of the Box

Poppy Celebration 625.00

Artist: E. Slater Poppy Celebration

Times Squared 410.00

Artist: E. Slater Times Squared

War Games 375.00

Artist: E. Slater War Games