Willingham, J.

Joan is mostly a self taught artist but did study painting for three years with the Open College of the Arts.

Over the years she has attempted most subjects but has always maintained a preference for still life and now devotes her art almost entirely to this subject. She finds it fascinating to collect together a few simple domestic objects from around her home, select a limited palette and create a spontaneous piece of work. She loves the challenge of exploring ways of portraying her chosen subject matter in a contemporary way. She now works mainly in oils but will experiment from time to time with other mediums.

She exhibits widely throughout Hampshire and has won several awards over the years for her work. In 2014 she had two paintings selected by the Society of Women Artists for their 152nd Annual Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.


Family Favourites 250.00

Artist: J. Willingham Family Favourites

Onions And Eggs 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham Onions And Eggs

Peppers 250.00

Artist: J. Willingham Peppers

Poppy Heads 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham Poppy Heads

Ruby's Jug 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham Ruby's Jug

Spotty Jug 250.00

Artist: J. Willingham Spotty Jug

Teapot 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham Teapot

The Three Pears 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham The Three Pears

Two Pears 250.00

Artist: J. Willingham Two Pears