Roxburgh, B.

Roxburgh, B.

B. Roxburgh paints mainly in oils and acrylics, and takes inspiration from nature, especially his wildlife garden in Maidenhead, developed over the past 20 years, and from visits to Wildfowl & Wetland Trust reserves. Although only 80ft x 55ft, his small garden is home to frogs, toads, newts, stag beetles and dragonflies, and is regularly visited by squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes and more than 50 species of bird. While he enjoys photographing nature, he loves painting wildlife for the enhanced insight it gives into the character of a species or individual. Working from home, and being able to look out on an ever-changing parade of wildlife, throughout the changing seasons, inspired him to return to art some years ago. He had been accepted for a Diploma of Art and Design course at High Wycombe as a teenager, but while waiting to start the course, changed direction and went into journalism instead. He has been a freelance for the past 30 years.


Estuary Ghost 125.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Estuary Ghost

Happy Frog 95.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Happy Frog

Island Visitor 95.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Island Visitor

Lilly the Pink 95.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Lilly the Pink

Mill Cottage 50.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Mill Cottage

Odd Swan Out 195.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Odd Swan Out

Quarry Sunrise 75.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Quarry Sunrise

Scotch Mist 45.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Scotch Mist

Sumatra Tiger 170.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Sumatra Tiger

Water Garden, Cliveden 75.00

Artist: B. Roxburgh Water Garden, Cliveden