Williams, D.

My passion has taken me on a journey of discovery in which I can capture the energy, colour, textures of glass and the essence of the elements around me and freeze them in time as I see them forever.

Apart from nurturing my passion for glass, I felt drawn to using glass as way of expressing my creative spirit and drawing inspiration from the Buckinghamshire Countryside as well as the every day things that most people discard and take for granted. My recent work echoes my equal love of light, colour, texture, form and is expressed as tangible, tactile objects, sculptures, installations as well as practical beautiful objects.

We are but seeds pushing out into the world growing, moulded by our surroundings, limited by our emotions and fears, in order for us to grow we have to let go of our limitations and explore our growth. By transferring this growth in my creations allows me to let go of the safety of my shell opening up to the endless possibilities such a tactile medium holds. With this in mind I strive to capture the essence of these elements by creating bold textural forms which sit in harmony with their surroundings, and will encourage the viewer to touch and feel the connection I feel to my pieces.

Target-Art organised Art Exhbition:
Palm Tree Restaurant Art Exhibition (1 - 3 may 2010)


Autumna Suncatcher 83.00

Artist: D. Williams Autumna Suncatcher

Bashira and Almitra 1660.00

Artist: D. Williams Bashira and Almitra

Bashira and Chrysalisa 1735.00

Artist: D. Williams Bashira and Chrysalisa

Bubble Blue 475.00

Artist: D. Williams Bubble Blue

Chrysalis 255.00

Artist: D. Williams Chrysalis

Point of Balance 567.00

Artist: D. Williams Point of Balance

Red Heights 510.00

Artist: D. Williams Red Heights

Spawned 358.00

Artist: D. Williams Spawned