Russ, J.

Russ, J.

Although she originally trained as a potter, Jane now spends most of her creative time painting. This exhibition features the movement and excitement of the annual Banbury Fair, which takes place in October.

The flashy rides speeding past the solid old buildings of the town have fascinated for many years and the subsequent photographs proved the perfect starting point for this Fairground Attractions collection.

Target-Art organised Exhibition:
The Opening of at the Magic Cafe 23 August 2008


Linda and Jack 210.00

Artist: J. Russ Linda and Jack

The Gallopers 410.00

Artist: J. Russ The Gallopers

Sky Waltz 260.00

Artist: J. Russ Sky Waltz

The Bouncer 320.00

Artist: J. Russ The Bouncer