Crook, P.

Patricia Crook is an amateur artist who has an 'A' level in Art. She moved away from London, with her husband to live in a 16 century Barn in Kent with a large uncultivated garden. In combination, with Adult Education Classes and other specialised courses, she found that painting the flowers she grew provided her with the most rewarding subjects, She particularly likes Hellebores, Lolematis and Iris. Her medium is watercolour and she works directly from the specimen in season. A member of the Weald of Kent Art Group and the South East Open Studios programme she regularly exhibits her work locally.

The Russian Artist Wassily Kandinsky wrote, "Every colour has its own mysterious life." In this case, the Artist manifests colour through nature in their paintings. Who doesn't like the flowers. Unlike those in a vase these will continue to bloom, remind one of fresh to come.

Graham Dane, June 2014


Beared Iris 'Celante' 38.00

Artist: P. Crook Beared Iris 'Celante'

Beared Iris 'Titians Glory' 38.00

Artist: P. Crook Beared Iris 'Titians Glory'

Green Helleboris Orientalis 38.00

Artist: P. Crook Green Helleboris Orientalis

Purple Hellebore Orientale 38.00

Artist: P. Crook Purple Hellebore Orientale

The 'Eden' Rose 38.00

Artist: P. Crook The 'Eden' Rose