Cannon, J.

Cannon, J.

I have been making art as long as i can remember. My mother was my greatest teacher. She taught me how to see. The meaning of form and space and hwo to translate what I 'see' inside into what you see outside .This has been her greatest gift to me and it still continues.

I revel in nature. Life inspires me in all its myriad forms and there is no greater source of inspiraton. I want my art to be a celebration of life and I can find no truer expression of that which I am. Iam happy to share it with you. I have exhibited in the studio exhibitions up at Greenhams arts, where I have a studio space, and this year at Arlington Arts 'In Passing', since i moved here in 2006 and had previously exhibited in Open Studios in High Wycombe. I do private commissions and have sold in Spain, Switzerland and the Far East.

Target-Art Organised Exhibitions:
The Stag & Hound, Pinkney's Green, W/e August 2009
The Bull Art Exhibition, Wargrave, Berks, (15 June - 15 August 2009)
The Wargrave Smile Train Charity Event (6 December 2008)


Birth 220.00

Artist: J. Cannon Birth

Determination 70.00

Artist: J. Cannon Determination

East to within 2 242.00

Artist: J. Cannon East to within 2

Give us a Hug 3 138.00

Artist: J. Cannon Give us a Hug 3

Medicine Wheel Series 1 220.00

Artist: J. Cannon Medicine Wheel Series 1

Medicine Wheel Series 2 248.00

Artist: J. Cannon Medicine Wheel Series 2

Shroud 1450.00

Artist: J. Cannon Shroud

Swans 15.00

Artist: J. Cannon Swans

Tango 3 130.00

Artist: J. Cannon Tango 3

Wave 210.00

Artis: J. Cannon Wave

Whirling Series 4 85.00

Artist: J. Cannon Whirling Series 4