Harding, A.

Harding, A.

Background 1973 to 1975 Studied sculpture at the Cape Town Arts Centre under the tutorship of Caroline Van De Merwe.

2000 to Present Pursuing an artistic career in painting and sculpture. Classes attended include portraiture, life painting and mixed media. Life sculpture classes attended at the Vyne under the tutorship of Les Johnson.

2004 Paintings exhibited of the Boxford Masques at Boxford. Paintings purchased by Newbury Museum and private ownership.

2006 2 exhibitions in the Watermill Theatre of Watermill productions
2007 Paintings selected and exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London
2008 A number of paintings and sculptures exhibited as part of the Newbury Open Studios
5 commissions secured so far for portraiture and landscapes.Work in progress also includes a folio of paintings of Tobago and Provence.

Target-Art organised Exhibition:
The Opening of Target-art.co.uk at the Magic Cafe 23 August 2008


Ocean King 460.00

Artist: A. Harding Ocean King