Goodbun, B.

B. Goodbun BA

Although I have taken an interest in craft and design for many years, working on patchwork and appliqu窠decorative boxes and knitted textiles, it wasn't until I started making jewellery, some 10 years ago, that I realised Id found the craft/art that was right for me. I am mainly self-taught and initially I used glass beads but I soon realised that gemstone beads, fossils and minerals were more interesting.

As my knowledge and experience of different techniques and materials has developed and increased, I find that the jewellery I make has diversified into several distinct styles.

Taking many small pieces and making them into a complete item of jewellery has always been very attractive. This is evident in my Geode Range, in which I use specimens of fossil, shell and minerals that might otherwise only be seen in display cabinets. Also my 2nd Time Around collection, which utilises old and broken necklaces, earrings, brooches and other bits and pieces, combined with vintage beads to make a new, uniquely individual piece of jewellery.

From the Geode Range, I developed the idea of incorporating minerals found in the United Kingdom, Jet from Whitby, Ammonites from Dorset and Somerset and Agates from the Scottish Borders for instance. Some, like Blue John from Derbyshire and Cotham Marble from Bristol, are unique to the British Isles.

Underpinning these designs is colour. I cannot resist the pull of putting one colour with another in as many combinations as possible. This is demonstrated in my strung jewellery where colour is the dominant element. And now I find Im almost back to where I started, using glass. The amazing variety of colour found in glass and dichroic glass are, quite simply, stunning. Fused glass is a new venture and I hope, with practise and experiment, to develop my own particular style.

And the Made by Me? I attend a lot of Craft Fairs and I soon became fed up with the very frequent question; Do you make this? So I decided to call myself, made by me, and answer the question once and for all. But I still get asked!

I can be found at several Craft Fairs during the year, mainly in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire and I have a permanent display in the craft area at the rear of Antiques & Crafts on High, 87, High Street, Oxford.


2nd Time Round 40.00

Artist: B.Goodbun 2nd Time Round

Baroque Pearl 45.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Baroque Pearl

Baroque Pearl, Turquoise 55.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Baroque Pearl, Turquoise

Citrine & Amethyst 55.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Citrine & Amethyst

Cotham Marble 55.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Cotham Marble

Fused Glass & Crystals 50.00

Artist: Barbara Goodbun Fused Glass & Crystals

Natural Goede Slice 47.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Natural Goede Slice

Quartz & Opal 55.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Quartz & Opal

Recycled Necklace 45.00

Artist: B. Goodbun Recycled Necklace