Blakey, G.

G. Blakey works on items of wood such as tables, cupboards, boxes etc. to enhance their appearances with stunning classical style motifs, to imitate the wood inlay of floral or pictorial compositions. Gabriella uses acrylics on wood surfaces which have been thoroughly prepared before hand. In order to protect and preserve the design a silky smooth finish of varnish and wax is applied.

G. Blakey Graphic Design in Rome, Italy and has worked in this country for the last 25 years, painting and decorating furniture and objects of art. Her work reflects a classical decorative style which has always had a universal appeal.

Target-Art organised Art Exhibition:
The Opening of Target-art Opening at the Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road, Oxford, 28 August 2008


table painted 375.00

Artist: G. Blakey table painted