O'Connell, J.

O'Connell, J.

J. O'Connell is a predominantly a flower painter, born in Tanzania but has lived and worked in Kenya and the Far East. J. O'Connell says she has been influenced by the colour and vibrancy of these tropical places.

"Colour is very important to me; I seriously believe it brings life and warmth to a room or to an individual. I love the contrast of opposing pigments such as orange and green. I feel I am continually challenged by mother- nature; how do I get those rich orange and purples that are seen in flowers onto my paper? When I paint flowers, I want them to have movement, life and energy! I want them to jump out of the picture! My paintings are bright and cheerful and intended to make all those who enjoy them feel good."

June originally trained as a nurse at The Hospital for Sick Children, Gt. Ormond Street, London and then worked in Kenya starting an Assessment Centre for children with severe disabilities where she used art as a form of therapy. June has since held various health care development posts including writing guidelines. Painting has always been a passion, J.O'Connell has been painting since she was six, has produced illustrations for a number of magazines and has held two exhibitions.

Target-Art organised Art Exhibition:
The Opening of Target-art.co.uk at the Magic Cafe (23 August 2008)


Bird of Paradise 399.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Bird of Paradise

Blue Pot 220.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Blue Pot

Goa 360.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Goa

Himalayan Poppy 95.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Himalayan Poppy

Red Pot 220.00

Artist: J O'Connell Red Pot

Single Poppy 195.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Single Poppy

Square of Sunflowers 185.00

Artist: June O'Connell Square of Sunflowers

Storm of Sunflowers 360.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Storm of Sunflowers

Thistle 55.00

Artist: J. O'Connell Thistle

Turtle 210.00

Artist: June O'Connell Turtle