Jain, N.

I am originally from western part of India & come from city called Karad.

I have done G.D.Arts & Dip in Art Education, 2001 Abhinav College of Art, Pune M.A. in Fine Arts , Mumbai 2003

Group show : Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune  1998
One man show: The Bhavan Centre, Nov 2005
Participation : Hesketch Hubbard Art Society , Annual Exhibition , London 2007
Young Women India Association, Charity Exhibition, June 2008
Invited Artist: Art in Action ,Oxford , July 2008

Future solo show: The Bhavan Centre, West Kensington, London 11th Sep to16th Sept 2008

Artist, Namita Jain's series of Paintings,  Impressions of Rajasthan, were influenced by her trip to Rajasthan in 2003, where she visited  numerous villages and experienced their colourful and traditional way of life. Her work provides a fascinating insight into the life and culture of the Rajasthani people, including depicting scenes of dancers, musicians, desert landscapes, and men & Women at work in their colourful attire.

"Namita captures the vibrant colours of Rajasthan through a variety of Mixed Media, as well painted ceramic work on pots".
Curator, The Bhavan Art Gallery , London

"Namita Jain's painting depicts Rajasthani Folk lifestyle, reproducing the vibrancy of colour and textiles she has been accustomed to."
Nina Fallwell, Artist & Illustrators magazine UK July 2008

The focus of my floral painting is enchanting lilies Tulips found in ample (many) all over England. These have been painted in vertical position some of bright and gray tone background and bright colours which soothe eyes. However, Creativity in Art comes from Trust. I trust completely my instincts and that helps me add innovative touch to my Paintings.


Dream 125.00

Artist Na. Jain Dream

Folk Dance of Rajasthan 1 605.00

Artist: N. Jain Folk Dance of Rajasthan 1

Folk Dance Of Rajasthan 2 605.00

Artist N. Jain Folk Dance Of Rajasthan 2

Folk Dance of Rajasthan 3 510.00

Artist N. Jain Folk Dance of Rajasthan 3

Rajasthani Man 140.00

Artist N. Jain Rajasthani Man

Rajasthani Woman 145.00

Artist N. Jain Rajasthani Woman

Red Poppies 125.00

Artist N. Jain Red Poppies

Red Poppies 2 125.00

Artist: N. Jain Red Poppies 2

Tulips & Angel 125.00

Artist N. Jain Tulips & Angel