Bagni, C.

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Bagni, C.

A love of art, returned to at last.

I studied art at Luton Art School from 1955 to 1959 and gained the Nat. Dip. Design. It was a comprehensive course designed to give the students a good grounding in the skills required to flourish in the art world on completion of the course.

However, I married straight after completing the course, and had a son and daughter and found that as they got older I could organise some child care, and I could seek employment. I went into advertising, where I worked for seven years.

I then joined a charity where I worked for ten years, followed by several two year fundraising projects. Finally I was responsible for raising 3.4m (in twenty three months) to build a Children's Hospice. This is a fund raising record, which I still hold.

In January 2001 we built a studio in our garden, where I have worked building up my skills and reaching the standard I had attained in 1959. I worked away in isolation (just like the Ugly Duckling) until four years ago, when I started to join art groups and societies. I sell my work to a variety of aficionados. And my work has ranged in price from 100 to 1.000.00

I now sell in galleries, and last December one of my pastel portraits was exhibited at The Bankside Gallery, next to TATE Modern, in London, this was very exciting as my work was one of only 100 from an entry of over 2.150.

Three years ago I was invited to become a tutor at the Buckingham Art School, and have found that I really enjoy this and get a real kick when I see my students doing so well, exhibiting and selling their work. I am also a founder member of Buckingham Art for All, which we started only two years ago and already have a membership of over ninety. We have Sir Edmund Verney, John Bercow (Speaker of House of Commons), and Guy Scott Head of art at Stowe School as our patrons.

I love clear bright colours and my choice of subject reflects this. I am also adept at getting a good likeness in my portraits, whether in oils or pastels. However they are in no way photographic reproductions, as I strive to catch the personality of the subject and a spontaneous look. I use IT to manipulate images and as people do not have the time to sit for their portraits I have developed a technique whereby I can produce their likeness from only one visit. I have to say that they are received with pleasure, even when they are a total surprise.

By Carol Bagni NDD

Target-Art Organised Art Exhibition: The George Hotel, King Street, Reading, Berks (September 2009 - Present)


Bag Of Fruit 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Bag Of Fruit

Beach Life Sardinia 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Beach Life Sardinia

Buff Bloke 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Buff Bloke

Christ 215.00

Artist: C. Bagni Christ

Cricket Castle At Night 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Cricket Castle At Night

Face. 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Face.

Flamenco 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Flamenco

Last Look At The Sunset 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Last Look At The Sunset

Morning Walk, Sardinia 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Morning Walk, Sardinia

No Subject 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni No Subject

Pink Orchid 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Pink Orchid

Port Gain Harbour 55.00

Artist: C. Bagni Port Gain Harbour