Coote, J.

I am a born and bred Londoner who moved from London to Suffolk in 2003. I have worked as a Professional Artist for most of my life and as an Art Psychotherapist for 25 years.

I am interested in the idea of everything (visual perceptions, thoughts, emotions) being in a permanent state of flux and change, never fixed. My approach is fairly spontaneous and playful, starting with an idea, and experimenting, allowing an interplay between my original idea, and the direction the Materials choose to take.

I feel there is always an element of ebb and flow when I work - a sort of letting go and reining in, constantly working with conscious and unconscious processes and trying to find a balance between the energy that is Creativity and the discipline that is Art.

My work is held in numerous private collections in Europe and the United States. I also work to commission.

BA (hons) Fine Art St Martins, London and Maidstone, Kent
MA Art Therapy Goldsmiths College, London


After the Rain 535.00

Artist: J. Coote After the Rain

Holly 310.00

Artist: J. Coote Holly

Hollyhocks 310.00

Artist: J. Coote Hollyhocks

July 390.00

Artist: J. Coote July

Midsummer 710.00

Artist: J. Coote Midsummer

Purple Bearded Iris 540.00

Artist: J. Coote Purple Bearded Iris

Sunflower 200.00

Artist: J. Coote Sunflower

Tempest 715.00

Artist: J. Coote Tempest

Two Variations On a Theme 150.00

Artist: G. Dane Two Variations On a Theme

Watching 390.00

Artist: J. Coote Watching