Challenger, G.

Challenger, G.

My drawings are a collage of imagery taken from a combination of real objects, images and imagination. They are a reaction to day-to-day life, emotions, thoughts and events and processes occurring in the world at large. My work evolves, as does the natural world. I do not have entirely preconceived ideas of what I am going to produce. The process is very slow because the pictures are so detailed. This contrasts with the fast moving and changing world we are living in. The work is nevertheless a reflection of what is happening in the world. It is descriptive of the world but not realistic. The drawings are a visual diary and can have many different meanings to me as they develop. The long process enables old and new ideas to become interwoven.

Target-Art organised Art Exhibition:
The opening of at the Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road, Oxford, on 28 August 2008


Community Support 70.00

Artist: G. Challenger Community Support

Frank and Friends 35.00

Artist: Gemma Challenger Frank and Friends

Joust 120.00

Artist: G. Challenger Joust

Reach 27.00

Artist: G. Challenger Reach

Tank 110.00

Artist: G. Challenger Tank

The Last Supper 120.00

Artist: G. Challenger The Last Supper

Thief 40.00

Artist: G. Challenger Thief

Untitled 200.00

Artist: G. Challenger Untitled

Waking Night 35.00

Artist: G. Challenger Waking Night