Coburn, M.

Coburn, M.

Most of my inspiration is local, in Oxfordshire or Dorset. In our low sunlight even humble Subjects can be very dramatic. I find myself taking pictures with my eyes and printing them in my memory. A particular light or atmosphere, or pattern. If they will not go away, I do Sketches and use Photos if help is needed.

Then the Composition, Colours and Style just occur to me as I get going. I find rhythms and forms asking to be portrayed in their own right.

This cocktail of sensible and emotional effort leads to something like Cave Paintings, but of the, here and now. These new images appear, hopefully to Decorate and Communicate, alongside all the other images that vie for our attention every day.

I have been keeping my Pictures with friends and family for many years, but recently was commended at Art in Woodstock. Since then I have shown at Modern Art Oxford and during Oxfordshire Artweeks.

This year I have been offered a venue for exhibiting at Art in Woodstock.

Target-Art organised Exhibition:
The Opening of at the Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road, Oxford, 23 August 2008


Hot Air 220.00

Artist: M. Coburn Hot Air

Italian Canal 220.00

Artist: M. Coburn Italian Canal

Light as a feather 180.00

Artist: M. Coburn Light as a feather

Needles Lighthouse 260.00

Artist: M. Coburn Needles Lighthouse

Oxford Canal 315.00

Artist: M. Coburn Oxford Canal

Padova 210.00

Artist: M. Coburn Padova

Seaside Reflections 180.00

Artist: M. Coburn Seaside Reflections

Sunset over Hanborough 210.00

Artist: M. Coburn Sunset over Hanborough