Burges, F.

 Burges, F.

I am very sorry to announce that Francis Burges has recently died and wish to commisserate with her family and those close to her.

I would describe Francis as having a warm, fantastic character who worked for art and was charasmatic as she was talented.

She died on 9th December 2010. She will be greatly missed. We all loved her so.

Questions of Life as an Artist?
Does a person choose to be an artist or is this activity encouraged by certain materials made available when young?

The variety of art materials sold today are certainly for young professional artists. I wonder also if when studying art, apart from teaching new concepts & disciplines & the technical ability required, if to a favourable life and attitude in contemporary terms, in comparison with past artists, for guidance what to expect etc. ie. The function of the Fine Artists Hands On approach to work does not have much in common in current IT run life. I still use traditional mediums/tools paint, & implements for drawing chalk, pencil, brush.

What is your inspiration for your work?

Enthusiasm for working has been stimulated by at favourite artists work from past & present times. As I go about, I still enjoy translating subject unique to me, but what has enthused me is often the interpretation of another master .. I appreciate that Grey is the hinge of colour, -- Pierre Bonnard.

I work two dimensionally, but space permitting do some wood carving, stone carving & ceramic objects

What are your main influences?

The choice of a particular subject is often stimulated by the techniques applied by an admired artists rendering; in fact I realise the enthusiasm I have for working so far has been maintained through looking at other artists work, past & present.

Creating being an ancient occupation, time to do this was not an issue. When viewing an exhibition a different concept of time may be needed, than is often permitted these days.

F. Burges

Target-Art Organised Exhibition:
The Christmas Art Fair at the Conference Hall in the Quality Hotel (formerly the Royal County,
Broad Street, Reading. (20 December - January 2010)
The Opening of Target-art.co.uk at the Magic Cafe Aug 2008


9-11 Global 210.00

Artist: F. Burges 9-11 Global

Aubergine 320.00

Artist: F. Burges Aubergine

Dawn Messenger 185.00

Artist: F. Burges Dawn Messenger

Halloween 185.00

Artist: F. Burges Halloween

Honfleur 320.00

Artist: F. Burges Honfleur

Midday Cafe 290.00

Artist: F. Burges Midday Cafe

On the Town 190.00

Artist: F.Burges On the Town

Pavement 180.00

Artist: F. Burges Pavement

People 205.00

Artist: F. Burges People

Train View 185.00

Artist: F. Burges Train View