Hopkins L.

Hopkins L.

Lynda Hopkins graduated in 1978 in Painting at Portsmouth and went on to do a PGCADE in Middlesex. Since then she has held exhibitions in London; including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and venues around Oxfordshire where she has lived for 29 years.

Once influenced by Braque for his creative use of space and Gauguin for his sense of colour at college: she has been pursuing, not only still life and interiors, but more recently exploring themes such as dancers, landscape and spiritual linked work on The Lamb of God, The Tree of Life and the most recent being Transformation.

She works in most media, enjoying pastels relating to the softness of human touch; but also oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.

She has written and performed songs and poetry which sometimes relates to the imagery.
Upcoming Exhibitions:
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre Gallery Sept 3rd - Nov 5th 2016.
The Elizabeth House, Cookham 30th September - 28th October 2016


Reaching Out 185.00

Artist: L. Hopkins Reaching Out

River Walk 164.00

Artist: L. Hopkins River Walk

Signs Of Spring 160.00

Artist: L. Hopkins Signs Of Spring