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Please stop and have a read to reckon on a visit to London Art Shows.

You must come and visit and add your views. A bridge of understanding to an Exhibition makes and gives a thousand thanks. Please send your reviews from your own Exhibitions, Target-Art Artists! We would be delighted to see the progress made.

A: The Main Exhibitions in London and The South (note only the barest of lines are added as additions from literature provided).
B1A-B1R: Artists of repute that help us understand more of the world around us. They are only a sample of the top grade artists Noted. Please look on google for Web Sites of the Artists mentioned.
The Mix of Designer and Artist is evident; such as the Graphic or Instrumental Designer.
Ceramicist is more a Sculptor, shaper of material in a functional form. Most have the eye on the shape and finish that makes their work superb.
C-C1T: The Students at the Oxford Brookes Fine Art Show, 2010
Written By E. Waller