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N. B. see bottom for images used in Publicity.

The Publicity of Target- art.

1. In some local newspapers and magazines, Target-Art is being strongly reminded of their activities through Adverts and Articles so far.

2. Target-Art welcomed the Oxford Target-Art Artists to champagne and wine and for the write up of the Magic Cafe's formal opening
of Target-art as a Business Website on the 23rd August 2008.

We were mentioned in a number of subsequent local papers such as the Maidenhead Advertiser, and Henley Standard which featured a
large article; and exhibited our paintings on the walls for further photography for the Target-Art website.

3. Target-Art went on an intrepid journey down to the West Country recently to further publicise the Web Site and recruit new Artists.
I, alone, was in need of a good foot bath after the amount of walking between houses, streets and Artists Homes.

4. Target-Art was involved in a Mass Leaflet Drop (2,500) which will take place before and after Christmas to coincide with the Christmas festivities and the January sales. Following the prelude to the Palm Tree Art Exhibition on the 1-3 May we have personally delivered a further 400 leaflets to the local area around Cane End

5. Target-Art is involving itself in a number of Charitable events;

i. Target-Art organised a special event for the SMILE TRAIN FOUNDATION at the Woodclyffe Hall, Wargrave, Berkshire where there has been some new and present Target-Art artists exhibiting, an open mike night and a Charity Auction on the 6th December 2008.

We were mentioned in the Henley Standard three times, Wargrave News, Twyford Advertiser, Roundabout Magazine and Recently The Reading Chronicle twice.
We raised a Total of 560 pounds for Charity and some extra money for the Artists involved.

iii. Edward Waller has personally donated 13,500 pounds over the last 10 years to Charity shop memorabilia.

6. Thank you for the Artists who took part for their participation.

7. We are presently compiling a list of Premises that may suitable for exhibiting Target-Art Artists work over the coming months in a way that promotes the website and artist alike, monthly. We hope to participate in the Open Studios.

8. We have signed a contract with the George Hotel in Reading, and the Parade Hotel in Bath as well as the Royal Tandoori which after a refurbishment is open to Artists from Target-Art to exhibit works there.

There are approximately 150 spaces available for Permanent Exhibition for Sale. We have at present placed 80 Art works in the George Hotel.

9. Those chosen as part of have the right to a place for a Permenant Sales, once asked.

Social Marketing / Directories / Business CV Sites.

10. Latest News See Facebook Groups; Target- Art Viewers and Artists.

11. Edward Stewart Waller...See Linked in by: waller/14/b05/2b9

12. Craig Symes...See Linked in By:

13. Hot frog Reference...:

14. Berkshire Web Sites...:

15. Yellow Pages: P54 Under 'Art Galleries' - Slough inc. Bracknell, Maidenhead & Windsor.

16. mobile.yell/ppy2w/WAP/.../1/1/WAP/.../I?

17. THOMSON LOCAL under Art Galleries & Fine Art Dealers P12.


Modifications and Additions.


1. LATEST ARTIST, the most recent Artist to be added.

2. LATEST REVIEW, An Art Review for some London Art Shows.

3. LATEST EXHIBITION, A reminder of Art Exhibitions held by Target-Art.

4. Adjusted BANNERS.



7. Of course, any advice given would be appreciated.

8. If anyone is interested in having their Work exhibited: contact Edward Waller on 01628776721 or on