Beven, S.

I have been painting more seriously since 1993 when I took a two year course in Visual Studies at Colchester Institute and passed although I had had no formal training before. As I did not intend to teach my tutor suggested I just go away and paint whatever interested me and so that is how it has been. I was tired of the more traditional ways of working and have directed my painting to my imagination and leaned towards more semi abstract work. My interest in Chagall and Kandinsky and their journeys through their work has taken me to other directions. More recently I have been fascinated by shapes and light in glass and this has led me into a more interesting phase of my work. I am well into retirement but I think my paintings show that I still have an active and imaginative future.


Brancaster Quay 300.00

Artist: S. Beven Brancaster Quay

South Africa 275.00

Artist: S. Beven South Africa

South Africa 2 275.00

Artist: S. Beven South Africa 2