Kestner, A

Kestner, A

A. Kestner studied art at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where he became interested in the French Artists such as the Douanier Rousseau, and Camille Bambois. Many of his paintings are set in the open air with a large cast of characters who dance, play musical instruments or interact together in different ways. His figures have simple uncluttered lines, are bare-footed, wear brightly coloured clothes and are modelled in strong light and shade.

The atmosphere is tranquil, with the long shadows of morning or sunset. Foliage takes on a life of its own saw-edged stinging nettles; caressing grasses; trees shimmering in time to the music. Don't be fooled though, not all his characters are sweet and pleasant. There are also some dark and disturbing images twisted and distorted heads; burning cities; and nightmare worlds. So if you like fairytale and story telling you will find lots to interest you in his work.

Target- Art organised Art Exhibition:
The George Hotel, King Street, Reading, Berks, permanent Exhibition Art Exhibition
(November 2009 - July 2011)


The Evening Star 100.00

Artist: A. Kestner The Evening Star

The Fire Bird 100.00

Artist: A. Kestner The Fire Bird

The Tree of Life 100.00

Artist: A. Kestner The Tree of Life