Armitage, P

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P. Armitage is a Glass Fusion Artist and a Painter. She also leads Creative Way courses.
P. Armitage attended a Fine Arts Foundation course at Abingdon College in 1994, followed by two years of glass classes with well known Oxford Glass Artist Vital Peeters. Initially she studied stained glass, later moving on to glass fusion. She uses the vibrant colours of Bull's Eye Glass to create collages on plates, bowls and decorative pieces, smooth curved objects reminiscent of waves enveloping splashes of colour and geometric designs. She also makes jewellery.

We take light, as we do the oxygen we breathe, for granted but both are fundamental to our being and life. We tend not to dwell upon it. For a follower of the bible everything started with the words, "And God said, let there be light: and there was light." (Genesis 1:3). For the scientist the same event, minus the theological component the Big Bang. Armitage's simple glass pieces capture and reflect the simple truth on a smaller, transportable scale.

Graham Dane, June 2014


Blue And Red Bowls 165.00

Artist: P. Armitage Blue And Red Bowls

Blue Geometric Curved 210.00

Artist: P. Armitage Blue Geometric Curved

Geometric 210.00

Artist: P. Armitage Geometric

Green and Red Bowl 160.00

Artist: P. Armitage Green and Red Bowl

Large Bowl in Red Blue and Yellow 360.00

Artist: P. Armitage Large Bowl in Red Blue and Yellow

Medium Fishes Curved 210.00

Artist: P. Armitage Medium Fishes Curved

Miroesque Curved 210.00

Artist: P. Armitage Miroesque Curved

Small Bowls In Blue 50.00

Aritst: P. Armitage Small Bowls In Blue

Small Fishes Curved 160.00

Artist: P. Armitage Small Fishes Curved

Stripes 115.00

Artist: P. Armitage Stripes