Perkin, J.

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Perkin, J.

After a long career as a research physicist, John Perkin trained and graduated at Hertfordshire College of Art and Design. Since then he has exhibited at numerous solo and group shows in Berkshire, the surrounding counties and several galleries in London. Although he has made prints and some sculptures, his main occupation is Painting in Acrylic on board. He also makes his own framing.
The subject matter of his paintings covers a wide range of human activity and landscape. He is particularly interested in the interaction of people in group activities such sport, shopping or prayer.
The style is basically figurative, but where appropiate, abstraction is employed to suggest movement or mood. Also, the unity of the subject may be enhanced by an indication of objects in the background, through those in the foreground which would normally obscure them. An example is given here in a self portrait of the artist and one of his paintings.

John Perkin sadly died in 2012.


Appledore Quay 225.00

Artist: J. Perkin Appledore Quay

Band in the Park 235.00

Artist: J. Perkin Band in the Park

Bicycle Race 180.00

Artist: J. Perkin Bicycle Race

Burney Farm 235.00

Artist: J. Perkin Burney Farm

Carousel 235.00

Artist: J. Perkin Carousel

Cleves Copse, Fosbury 225.00

Artist; J. Perkin Cleves Copse, Fosbury

Fairground At Night 280.00

Artist: J. Perkin Fairground At Night

Goldwell Park 265.00

Artist: J. Perkin Goldwell Park

Hungerford Bowlers 185.00

Artist: J. Perkin Hungerford Bowlers

Liddington Hill 0.00

Artist: J. Perkin Liddington Hill

London Skaters 460.00

Artist: J. Perkin London Skaters

Lunch time Jolie Brise 235.00

Artist: J.Perkin Lunch time Jolie Brise