Jessop, N.

My work is always developing and changing in response to the many different areas where I have lived, to the materials that are available locally for me to use and to the processes that I have selected to record the artistic images that I am seeking.

Initially, my work focused upon producing a wide range of sculptures for display both indoors and in the open air. In particular, I concentrated upon making large land art sculptures set in the open countryside. These structures used materials such as stone, wood, mud and vegetation that I could collect within a short distance of the site where the sculpture was to be built. Normally, these locations were remote, secluded areas free from the impact of modern technology and crowded humanity. Having identified a location, my objective was to produce a series of nest-like forms that drew their inspiration from elements that occurred in the natural world. This art form was based upon creating an idyllic place of refuge where I could distance myself from the stresses and the insecurities of the modern world.

Following a period as artist in residence at the Cyprus College of Art, my recent work has been extended to cover the fields of painting, photography and drawing. I have still kept the security qualities that are inherent in my sculptures although my paintings are energetic, playful, colourful and the compositions are often very busy. Similarly however, there are many focal points of refuge allowing the viewer to focus in on and take rest from the chaos that surrounds them. There are often idyllic towns, islands or worlds encased and protected with solid organic matter that no one can enter unless one already lives there. The paintings are incredibly detailed and encompass a variety of mark making techniques to enhance the colour and boundaries between shapes and forms.


Beginning 760.00

Artist: N. Jessop Beginning

Chain Events 222.00

Artist: N. Jessop Chain Events

Citadel Sunset 560.00

Artist: N. Jessop Citadel Sunset

Community Centre 520.00

Aritst: N. Jessop Community Centre

Inner system 485.00

Artist: N. Jessop Inner system

Moon Safari 485.00

Artist: N. Jessop Moon Safari

Roundabout 547.00

Artist: Neil Jessop Roundabout