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Target-art.co.uk is proud to announce that the click rate is over 6,900,000.

I would like to thank you for your support. We have 6,903,670 of hits in total. We received 779,336 hits in 2011 alone. The highest monthly hit rate was 216,436 this April 2019. And similarly March 2019 (188,659). In October 2010; 152,641. Following 152,119 in Sept 2010. We would recommend that you continue to see what is on offer.

Please note, that the prices listed are based on keeping the price lower than or the same as other Artists web sites. As a price promise this is what we have achieved (subject to our Artists discretion).

The Postage is included in the Price. So that a Two Hundred Pound Painting; with a note for 20 postage, is only 180 pounds with a 20 postage fee.

If there is a need to Contact Target-Art.co.uk about Purchasing of an Artwork, or any other issue:

Email: info@target-art.co.uk.
Land Line Telephone Number: 01628 776721.
and we will call you back as soon as possible.


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