Lethbridge, J.

Lethbridge, J.

J. Lethbridge is from an ex coal mining town in West Yorkshire. Despite being a self taught potter from the age of 9, and completing a BA in Ceramics at Bretton Hall University, J. Lethbridge to glass in 2003. Studying at the International Glass Centre, in the West Midlands and then later an MA in Applied Arts at the Royal College of Art, in London, graduating in 2007.

During his time at the RCA, and after, James received various awards and short listings for prestigious arts prizes, including the short listing for the Conran Foundation Awards, and The Bombay Sapphire Prize 2008. Now James works for private and corporate clients on large scale bespoke lighting commissions.

J. lethbridges's work is devised through the study of botanical sources of inspiration, - the work exists as pieces of collected, abstracted, surreal and almost alien pieces of sculptural glass. Derived from many different points of reference, such as twisting vines and microscopic pollen, J. Lethbridge explores form, space, material and texture, using only the purity of transparent glass and light. James's work to date has been described as 'baroque' and at the same time, through the non- existent use of color, it is perfectly at home within the minimal Bauhausian architectural cityscape that we exist in.

Through his work James attempts to communicate his feelings towards the material and show a desire to reflect the beauty of the minimal age we live in, whilst at the same time, James adds a flourish of organic surrealism.


Celestial Fire 3300.00

Artist J. Lethbridge Celestial Fire

Coalescence 11 800.00

Artist: J. Lethbridge Coalescence 11

Mermaid's Purse 2800.00

Artist J. Lethbridge Mermaid's Purse

Serpentine Chandelier 2800.00

Artist J. Lethbridge Serpentine Chandelier

Starfire 2600.00

Artist: J. Lethbridge Starfire

Strange Fruit 1650.00

Artist: J. Lethbridge Strange Fruit

Virgin Chandelier 1800.00

Artist J. Lethbridge Virgin Chandelier