Examples of oil and acrylic paintings on various formats such as canvas and hardboard.


Polite Society 40.00

Artist: E. Waller 2018 Polite Society

Ponte Sant' Angelo 1 1120.00

Artist: C. McElhatton Ponte Sant' Angelo 1

Poppy Heads 200.00

Artist: J. Willingham Poppy Heads

Portrait 110.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Portrait

Posture 50.00

Artist: E. Waller 2018 Posture

Pram 30.00

Artist: E. Waller 2014 Pram

Primitive Sculpture 50.00

Artist: E. Waller 2015 Primitive Sculpture

Protagonist 800.00

Artist: G. Dane Protagonist

Puffer On the Clyde at Lares Ayr 100.00

Artist: R. Thacker Puffer On the Clyde at Lares Ayr

Purple Bearded Iris 540.00

Artist: J. Coote Purple Bearded Iris

Push on 135.00

Artist: Robert Good Push on

Putting Up A Poster 40.00

Artist: E. Waller 2017 Putting Up A Poster