Abtract signifies any artwork which is not directly from close observation or a technique which evolves in an unorthodox way.


Face 1. 110.00

Artist: R. Conway-Jones Face 1.

Face 2. 130.00

Artist: R. Conway-Jones Face 2.

Face Box 40.00

Artist: E. Waller 2017 Face Box

Face It 40.00

Artist: E. Waller 2017 Face It

Facing the Bird's Face 50.00

Artist: E. Waller 2016 Facing the Bird's Face

Fall 40.00

Artist: E. Waller 2018 Fall

Fall of Adam 825.00

Artist: E. Slater Fall of Adam

Family 50.00

Artist: E. Waller 2018 Family

Family Favourites 250.00

Artist: J. Willingham Family Favourites

Farewell 430.00

Artist: V. Ursu Farewell

Fashion Wardrobe 50.00

Artist: E. Waller 2015 Fashion Wardrobe

Feather 55 10.00

Artist: E. Waller 2013 Feather 55