James, E

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James, E

Colour in Motion captures the characteristics of Water under different circumstances. My approach to this subject is varied and often experimental. I have spent many years experimenting and observing closely its many varied forms it adopts in different circumstances. Capturing my findings has allowed me to study and record Colour in Motion, its transforming shapes & colours as it freely takes on its own direction and tones. The colours themselves carrying little or no commitment to the ebb & flow of the water as it takes on the body of life; taking us out of our sphere influence and bringing others in to it.

I was born and raised in London where my relationship with photography came to light. I discovered photography at 9 years old. I couldn't wait to own a camera of my own someday. Looking down the lens was like a different world, a form of escapism. A world that, at that age, I thought only I knew in that way because it was viewed through my eyes.

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is water, I remember as a child watching a dripping tap and noticing the different shapes and forms the drops would take and how the light passed through it. I wanted to slow it down and see the results of its impact on the water surface below, cause & effect, the repercussions were very short- lived and easily missed by the naked eye. Water can be calming, graceful, tranquil, powerful, strong, still or free flowing. When my work is viewed I hope the viewer will feel the energy of the water as it was captured and enjoy the ethereal qualities of the forms as they have a delicate beauty that makes the image seem not to be part of the real world.

Once I discovered a camera was used to record & document our environments, my world opened up. I like to capture parts of my subjects and leave a little to the imagination. I look for the interesting in the ordinary; it seems to sharpen my senses. I enjoy the way black and white blends together and the varying shades and tones in the spectrum and looking for texture, shadows and reflections. The outcome is a personal exploration of my subject matter. I am always aiming, for the point at which form, function and meaning intersect seamlessly. Capturing visual rhythms in natural flow is a way of gaining a glimpse of our environment we barely notice or have words for but connects us all.


Art Cards 15.00

Artist: E. James Art Cards

Colour In Motion 0248 (2012) 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 0248 (2012)

Colour In Motion 1231 (2011) 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 1231 (2011)

Colour In Motion 2335 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 2335

Colour In Motion 2684 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 2684

Colour In Motion 3121 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 3121

Colour In Motion 3434 (2012) 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 3434  (2012)

Colour In Motion 3712 (2012) 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 3712 (2012)

Colour In Motion 7027 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 7027

Colour In Motion 7700 (2011) 430.00

Artist: E James Colour In Motion 7700 (2011)

Colour In Motion 7728 (2012) 430.00

Artist: E. James Colour In Motion 7728  (2012)