Preece, G.

Preece, G.

G. R. Preece. Wildlife, Landscape and Portrait Painter
Dorset born and bred; I work mainly in watercolour and acrylic, and have been painting for 40 years.

My previous careers included The Merchant Navy (6 years), The Armed Forces (23 years) and Welfare Officer (15 years). I have travelled extensively and sold my paintings to customers from all over Europe, Australia and Canada.

My favourite areas of interest are Wildlife and Landscapes but my subjects are very diverse and include equine and pet studies. In summer I paint in Dorset and during the winter in Europe holding a one man exhibition annually in Spain. Commissions for Portraits, Pets and Landscapes are welcomed. I am a member of the Dorset Visual Arts group.

Dorset Arts Week no: 82 in the catalogue
Local French Restaurant at no:6, North Square, Dorchester In July 2012


Athelhampton 260.00

Artist: G. Preece Athelhampton

Bridge near Wimborne 85.00

Artist: G. Preece Bridge near Wimborne

Casting Off 125.00

Artist: G. Preece Casting Off

Dorchester, Hangman's Bridge 160.00

Artist: G. Preece Dorchester, Hangman's Bridge

Dorchester, South Walks 160.00

Artist: G. Preece Dorchester, South Walks

Golden Eagle 95.00

Artist: G. Preece Golden Eagle

John Brereton - Hero 85.00

Artist: G. Preece John Brereton - Hero

Lord of the High Places 260.00

Artist: G. Preece Lord of the High Places

Mallards from the Mist 60.00

Artist: G. Preece Mallards from the Mist

Mallards on the lake 85.00

G. Preece Mallards on the lake

Neck And Neck 105.00

Artist: G. Preece Neck And Neck