ART REVIEWS Please stop and have a read to reckon on a visit to London Art Shows. You must come and visit and add your views. A bridge of understanding to an Exhibition makes and gives a thousand thanks. Please send your reviews from your own Exhibitions, Target-Art Artists! We would be delighted to see the progress made.  A: The Main Exhibitions in London and The South (note only the barest of lines are added as additions from literature provided). B1A-B1R: Artists of repute that help us understand more of the world around us. They are only a sample of the top grade artists Noted. Please look on google for Web Sites of the Artists mentioned. The Mix of Designer and Artist is evident; such as the Graphic or Instrumental Designer. Ceramicist is more a Sculptor, shaper of material in a functional form. Most have the eye on the shape and finish that makes their work superb. C-C1T: The Students at the Oxford Brookes Fine Art Show, 2010 Written By E. Waller
ART EXHIBITIONS Target-art are proud to announce a series of Art Exhibitions so far and into the future which represent the Talent of Target-art. Target-art have some Exhibitions in Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Village Halls and even a Bakery (thanks to the iniatitive of Katarina Nyman) which would give Artists a chance to have their work viewed publicly when otherwise they would be stored away from the public eye. We are presently looking for premises that would be relevant to our Artists. We hope that you will bear with us whilst the organisers get to work. If you have any suggestions which could help us in our quest, then by all means, Contact us on Landline 01628 776721A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios Title: Desire Lines by John Percy A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios When: Monday 18th May to Sunday 24th May A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios Where: Brock Keep, 571 Oxford Road, Reading, Berks, RG30 1HL A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios Opening times: Mon-Fri 3-7pm Sat & Sun - 11-5pm A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios Meet the artists reception on Tuesday 19th May, 7-9pmA group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios I have an exhibition of my own in September-October . A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios A group show by OpenHand artists with studio tours as part of West Berkshire Open Studios Page 1 Current Exhibition and Future Exhibition space. A = The Exhibition at the Palm Tree Restaurant 1 - 3 May 2010 A = The Venue of the George Hotel where a permanent Art Exhibition in the Centre of Reading on King Street. A = Health Charity at Reform Road, Maidenhead; November 2010 - May 2011. Page 2B1-5 = The Quality Hotel, (formerly known as the Royal County), where the Conference Rooms were made available for Exhibition At Christmas Art Fair at the end of 2009. B6-92 = Images from Artists who exhibited at the Quality Hotel; ended 02/01/2010. We delivered 2500 leaflets relating to the Exhibition at the Quality Hotel (Dec 2009). Page 3 C = Future Exhibition space. The Park Parade Hotel, one and half miles from the Crescent in Bath; this will be the future exhibition premises, to be held with the Bath theme. D = Exhibitions held in the first of the two Art Expos, in the Woodclyffe Hall, Wargrave, 06/12/2008 We raised 800 pounds for the Smile Train Charity in a Musical and Artistic event also raising funds for participating Artists, Wargrave Village Festival saw some Target- art Artists exhibiting in 2009. Followed by the Art Exhibition at the Bull Inn, Wargrave, 23/03/09- 05/05/09 Page 4E1-8 = Exhibitions held in Wooburn Green 2009 F1-3 = Exhibition at the Stag and Hounds, in Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead, 08/2009 Page 5 G1-92 = The very beginnings of at the Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road, Oxford. Aug 2008 Page 6H1-H20 = A further Exhibition at the Magic Cafe. A Sole Exhibition organised by the Slough West Wing for E. Waller 2009 (organising independent of N.B. The Price Index of 0.00 does not refer to the amount of Art work sold as advertised in the Exhibition section nor the amount to be sold at.
ART TEACHING AT LIFE CLASSES LIFE DRAWING IN THE PUB - Join us for a drink and a draw in a relaxed and friendly environment in gorgeous pubs around London. Sessions are taught by Professional Artist Benedict Romain using a a mixture of traditional techniques and alternative exercises, with a focus on personal feedback. The classes are open to all levels and participants are encouraged to make mistakes and experiment in order to improve! All drawing materials, stand up easels, a range of models and varied themes are provided each week. Sessions are from 7-9pm and cost 12 pounds including all materials. Or Book multiple sessions in advance for 10 pounds per class! Schedule: Kings cross - Weekly course on Wednesday evenings at the Betjeman Arms Ladbroke Grove - monthly class on the second Monday of each month at the Elgin. Tufnell Park - monthly class on the last Monday of each month at The Lord Palmerston. Clapham - weekly course on Wednesday evenings at the Northcote . To book your space or for further information please go to Life drawing and other arty activities for hen parties, corporate team building and all private events also available!
ARTISTS is proud to announce that the click rate is over 8,800,000. I would like to thank you for your support. We have 8,851,558 hits in total. The highest monthly hit rate was 257,196 this February 2020. We would recommend that you continue to see what is on offer.Please note, that the prices listed are based on keeping the price lower than or the same as other Artists web sites. As a price promise this is what we have achieved (subject to our Artists discretion). The Postage is included in the Price. So that a Two Hundred Pound Painting; with a note for 20 postage, is only 180 pounds with a 20 postage fee. If there is a need to Contact about Purchasing of an Artwork, or any other issue: Email: Land Line Telephone Number: 01628 776721. and we will call you back as soon as possible. Address: 52 Wessex Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3DH. Artists by Alphabetical Order.Target Art aims to promote the very best of established and emerging Talent.
PAINTINGS Examples of oil and acrylic paintings on various formats such as canvas and hardboard.
DECORATIVE Decorative stands for ornate or making a pattern which associated with a specific genre.
ILLUSTRATION Any drawing technique that represents a graphic, painterly or primary version that maybe used at a later date for the final version. Illustration by itself is a medium to be recommended even if it is in sketch format.
GRAPHICS Graphic or graphic design nature, the works are from computers or designed for commercial reproduction.
DIGITAL AND SLR PHOTOGRAPHY Digital and SLR photography developped in studio or at commercial photographic premises.
MIXED MEDIA Assortment of materials to blend and give the medium an extra edge.
ORGINAL EDITION PRINTS Original edition prints are the yield of individual artworks from a plate or screen print which suggests each print is slightly different from each other, as inks which are drawn across, and ceremonially cleaned reflected a new or original version which satisfies the printers as editions.
PASTELS Pastels are of a waxy consistency and like crayon create an equal surface to the latter. The pastels can be layered and used with other mediums such as pencil and contee.
SCULPTURE The mouding or taking of form in a physical shape of the three dimensional manner. Whatever medium is used the nature of the sculpture is revealed.
CERAMIC Ceramics are the moulding of clay by hand and cast in a hot kiln.
VIEW ALL View all gives a panoramic viewing of all the artworks on the website without being preselective. If the viewing takes a shinning to a particular artist's work then by all means look up the artist under their name or medium.
TARGET-ART.CO.UK PUBLICITY N. B. see bottom for images used in Publicity.The Publicity of Target- art. 1. In some local newspapers and magazines, Target-Art is being strongly reminded of their activities through Adverts and Articles so far. 2. Target-Art welcomed the Oxford Target-Art Artists to champagne and wine and for the write up of the Magic Cafe's formal opening of Target-art as a Business Website on the 23rd August 2008. We were mentioned in a number of subsequent local papers such as the Maidenhead Advertiser, and Henley Standard which featured a large article; and exhibited our paintings on the walls for further photography for the Target-Art website. 3. Target-Art went on an intrepid journey down to the West Country recently to further publicise the Web Site and recruit new Artists. I, alone, was in need of a good foot bath after the amount of walking between houses, streets and Artists Homes. 4. Target-Art was involved in a Mass Leaflet Drop (2,500) which will take place before and after Christmas to coincide with the Christmas festivities and the January sales. Following the prelude to the Palm Tree Art Exhibition on the 1-3 May we have personally delivered a further 400 leaflets to the local area around Cane End 5. Target-Art is involving itself in a number of Charitable events; i. Target-Art organised a special event for the SMILE TRAIN FOUNDATION at the Woodclyffe Hall, Wargrave, Berkshire where there has been some new and present Target-Art artists exhibiting, an open mike night and a Charity Auction on the 6th December 2008. We were mentioned in the Henley Standard three times, Wargrave News, Twyford Advertiser, Roundabout Magazine and Recently The Reading Chronicle twice. We raised a Total of 560 pounds for Charity and some extra money for the Artists involved. iii. Edward Waller has personally donated 13,500 pounds over the last 10 years to Charity shop memorabilia. 6. Thank you for the Artists who took part for their participation. 7. We are presently compiling a list of Premises that may suitable for exhibiting Target-Art Artists work over the coming months in a way that promotes the website and artist alike, monthly. We hope to participate in the Open Studios. 8. We have signed a contract with the George Hotel in Reading, and the Parade Hotel in Bath as well as the Royal Tandoori which after a refurbishment is open to Artists from Target-Art to exhibit works there. There are approximately 150 spaces available for Permanent Exhibition for Sale. We have at present placed 80 Art works in the George Hotel. 9. Those chosen as part of have the right to a place for a Permenant Sales, once asked. Social Marketing / Directories / Business CV Sites. 10. Latest News See Facebook Groups; Target- Art Viewers and Artists. 11. Edward Stewart Waller...See Linked in by: waller/14/b05/2b9 12. Craig Symes...See Linked in By: 13. Hot frog Reference...: 14. Berkshire Web Sites...: 15. Yellow Pages: P54 Under 'Art Galleries' - Slough inc. Bracknell, Maidenhead & Windsor. 16. mobile.yell/ppy2w/WAP/.../1/1/WAP/.../I? 17. THOMSON LOCAL under Art Galleries & Fine Art Dealers P12. 18. Modifications and Additions.SUBCATEGORIES. 1. LATEST ARTIST, the most recent Artist to be added. 2. LATEST REVIEW, An Art Review for some London Art Shows. 3. LATEST EXHIBITION, A reminder of Art Exhibitions held by Target-Art. 4. Adjusted BANNERS. 5. New Reviews in DESCRIPTION OF WORKS. 6. NEW LOGO. 7. Of course, any advice given would be appreciated. 8. If anyone is interested in having their Work exhibited: contact Edward Waller on 01628776721 or on