Abu Dhabi Architechture

Abu Dhabi Architechture

Abu Dhabi architecture: On a trip to India, a stopover in Abu Dhabi airport gave a couple of hours to try and capture the amazing mushroom shape of the waiting area. This iconic piece of architecture is surprisingly hard to capture on film, as from the inside, there is always another aspect of it you want to get in the frame. The man looking down from the upper level adds an important dimension to the picture, taking away from the perfection of the shape and turning it into a functional building.

Artist: J. Shock
Colour Photograph
Size 21 cm x 19 cm

Abu Dhabi ArchitechtureScale
The curve of the underside of mosaic in an islamic building. The interwoven pattern warps our perception. The figure 
provides a human focus in an otherwise claustrophic spine of a building. The lighting is pre-occupied with a shine, a flash 
effect on blue tiles. 

Written by E. Waller 24/03/10

Abu Dhabi ArchitechtureTA:00268 5.00 35.00
Photograph 21 cm x 19 cm Artist: J. Shock

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